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The Players’ Troupe presents: The History of our Most Ravishing, Righteous, Rough and Rollicking Royalty; in short installments, with input from the audience!

Written for a Social Distancing LARPJam, Uneasy Lies the Head is a Live Action Online Game for 5-15 players.  It designed to be played over social media (such as Tiktok or Tumblr) or a digital platform that supports video and sound uploads (such as Youtube or Discord).

Ben Walker, Susan Bailey, Zach Hauptman (@sherlockian), Daniel Bockelmann (@chewbockel), with contributions by Olivia Montoya (@metaparadox)

Uneasy Lies the Head was created using LarpJam by Jon Cole.


Uneasy Lies the Head.pdf 2 MB

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